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Delivery & Installation

Delivery & Installation

After the client is well informed and we have received the necessary documentation from the client, the set-up procedure follows. We provide a specially designed floor plan where the Booster must be installed on with the specified areas shown for electricity and water supply. The Boosters get delivered to the installation site by means of our own custom designed trailers. Once delivered our professional installation team will install the Booster.


We pre-assemble the frame of the Booster in our factory and final assembly happens on site, cladding, electricity and irrigation included. On the day of the installation we install the evaporative cooler to cool the Booster during the summer and if purchased a blower heater to heat up the Booster during the winter nights.


The installation is only finalised after the operating procedures have been explained to the client and the Booster inspection form has been completed.

Sprout Booster Installation
Sprout Booster Delivery
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