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Market Leader in Green Feed Systems

  • MORE THAN 600 units installed

  • LOW WATER usage

  • NO YELLOW COLOURING due to natural sunlight

  • NO MOULDING due to spore busting technology


  • PATENTED technology

  • SOLAR options

What makes us different?


This is one of the most important aspects in designing a system. It would be futile to develop an expensive system that will erode any potential profit gain sought by feeding livestock. With ever increasing electricity and labor costs we set out to develop a system that can be managed with minimal labor input and one that will be sufficient in energy usage. Our cleverly designed cooling system results in us not relying on expensive equipment like air-conditioners and due to the low energy usage we also have the benefit of installing a much more cost effective solar system. This is proving to be a game changer to the African market.


Water is becoming a commodity and not having enough is one of the main reasons clients approach us. Irrigated land uses a tremendous amount of water and seeing that our standard booster system produces the equivalent of 15ha of irrigated land it is easy to see the benefit in the amount of water being saved with such a system.


Sprouted technology has come a long way and has had to overcome a few obstacles not least of these being uneducated claims made by producers that livestock can thrive on sprouted fodder alone. We have found this to simply not be true and therefore we enrolled the services of university professors to aid us in the formulation of different feeding rations that include but is not limited to fodder. The rations are varied based on the geographical locations, which again allows us to bring cost down and increase profit margins for the client. By doing this we endeavour to redeem the hydroponic fodder system.


When designing a system that seeks to re-create growth of a natural product it is imperative to stick to nature as close as possible. When excluding the natural process ie the sun, through using artificial lighting, we interfere with nature and this can become a breeding ground for unwanted micro organisms. That is why we set out to design a cladding system that will allow the right amount of sunlight through to reach the fodder. No one will argue that artificial lighting cannot compare to natural sunlight in the chlorophyll process. So by using a patented cladding technology along with one of our key organic bacterial products called SporeBuster, we have all but eliminated moulding. Another key factor in our system is that we have managed to vary our temperatures inside the system, as this is key in eliminating spores. This is not possible when using air-conditioners.

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