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Livestock Growing Enhancers

Protein forms an important part of the feeding chain for humans and animals, therefore the production of meat, dairy and eggs form an inevitable part for today’s users of these products. Proteins are the building blocks of the body, but a very expensive commodity to produce. Every effort is made to find a sustainable way to enhance production of proteins. The result is that different practices and feeding methods are introduced and applied to achieve sustainable profits.


Green Sprouts Solutions in cooperation with Bac-T-Boost aimed to use optimised feed conversion ratios implemented to benefit the producer and the consumer. This initiative has a positive impact resulting in better quality

(free of chemical growth stimulants and antibiotics)

meat, milk and eggs at market related prices or even better prices can be offered.

Nature offers natural growing enhancers in the form of microbes to achieve these goals. Green Sprouts Solutions is proud to offer two products to the market that has been proven successful.


Bac-T-Grow is a probiotic feed additive consisting of living organisms from two types of bacteria in the Bacillus group. Natural raw materials enrich by organisms and serve as the carrier of the organisms to the host.

What is the primary goal of Bac-T-Grow?

Probiotics (in this case Bac-T-Grow) is a living organism that beneficial influence the host (in this case an animal) by restoring the microbial balance of the digestive system.


Metabolites (manure) secreted by the organisms contribute positively to improve absorption of nutrients in the body.


  • Bac-T-Grow improves the absorption of nutrients.

  • Breaks down anti -nutrients like tannin acids (tannins, is the acid that encloses Cellulose, preventing it from being absorbed).

  • Empower the host to convert cellulose to glucose prior to the fermentation process to lactic acid.

  • Strengthens the immune system.

  • Creates unfavourable conditions for internal and external parasites.

  • Damages the cell walls of parasites. Dehydrates parasites (bleed themselves to death).

  • Works as a gastrointestinal nematode. Create unfavourable conditions for parasitic worms.

  • Supports the inhibition (suppression) of pathogenic organisms in the digestive system.

  • Binds toxin (parasites) in the digestive system.

  • Produces anti-microbial bodies which are highly resistant to gram-negative bacteria such as - Escherichia coli (diarrhea / running belly) and gram-positive bacteria such as Staphylococcus (very severe condition of diarrhea), Streptococcus (critical state of diarrhea) and Enterotoxaemia(pulpy kidney).

  • One of the organisms produces (L+) type lactic acid. This is the isometric form of Lactic acid which is not expected to contribute to metabolic “acidosis “(acidosis)


  • The natural carrier of the organisms, is not destroyed by the host’s body so is therefore ejected during the excretion of faeces. These residues end up on the kraal floor and create unfavourable conditions for parasites and pathogens.

  • Animal manure on kraal floors are normally very accommodating to parasites and pathogens. The acid-base manure, the excess plant material in manure, the moisture content of the manure and the manure 's ability to properly insulate, creates a favourable environment for parasites and pathogens. Less hostile organisms are now prevented from living on the kraal floor because the host has been exposed to Bac-T-Grow.

  • Airway infections in animals will drop drastically because of the smaller population of pathogenic organisms and affects the molecular composition of gases of ammonia in the manure .

  • The acid content of the manure is reduced by neutralization which reduces odours and lowers the number of flies.

What does Bac-T-Grow do in the blood?

Because of the pollution that we are exposed to, most foods, water and air contaminated with harmful particles, place a lot of pressure on the host's immune system. These particles usually have a positive charged, whereas blood has a negative charge. The positive and negatively charged particles constantly repel each other that keep the blood in suspension. When positive particles, in the form of chemicals, bacteria and viruses appear in the bloodstream, the negatively charged blood attracts to positive charged particles like a magnet, causing the blood to become contaminated.

The liver has to clean the blood, but is under pressure with the filter process of contaminated blood. The liver cannot handle the load so the contaminated blood poses a health risk to the host.


The carrier for the bacteria in Bac-T-Grow also has a negative charge, the same as the blood. It is suspended in the blood, and is transported throughout the body. The strong negative charge of the particles of the Bac-T-Grow in the blood attracts the positively charged particles in the blood. The Bac-T-Grow then becomes the carrier of unwanted particles and eventually carries it out of the body. The bearer of Bac-T-Grow cannot be broken down and absorbed in the digestive system.

Bac-T-Grow relieves the load of the contaminated blood so that the red blood cells can transport oxygen and nutrients more effectively through the body. Immunity is therefore strengthened for better resistance to diseases.


What is Dinomight?

Dinomight is an organic product that is used for animal health and as a nutritional supplement.

Dinomight has a very porous texture, making it is very light in weight.

Micro 'blades' cover the entire surface of Dinomight, which in turn is very effective in injuring the unwanted particles (parasites) in the host body.

The carrier has a strong negative charge that enables it to attract the unwanted organisms that has a positive charge. It causes injury with its micro blades, and then absorbs it in the larger cavities and carries it out the body. (Read more about this later in this document)

How does Dinomight work?

Dinomight has many small fine razor sharp edges that can fatally injure tiny parasites, insects and larvae.

Dinomight in livestock:

  • Dinomight does not dissolve in water; therefore, it will not dissolve in the body of animals or even birds. It does also not dissolve in the stomach where powerful digestive acids and juices appear.

  • Dinomight therefore safely moves throughout the stomach and intestines and cause no chemical reaction.

  • Dinomight works against internal parasites and worms in the body. The constant neutral pH creates an unfavourable reproductive environment for parasites existing in the body to reproduce.

  • Dinomight causes no chemical reaction during use, the operation occurs mechanically so therefore there will be no withdrawal symptoms once stopping the use of this product. Parasites cannot build up an immunity or resistance for Dinomight.

Dinomight's impact on profitability:

  • Feed uptake is increased because parasites that take up a large part of the host's nutrients are eliminated.

  • Lower mortality is achieved by healthier circumstances due to better pest control (higher weaning percentage).

  • Higher lamb and veal production because of a healthier environment.

  • Higher quality meat for optimum quality price ratings.

  • Lower medical costs.

  • Ewes and cows recover faster after giving birth. (All healthy animals will recover faster)

  • Ewes and cows recover faster after weaning period.

  • Lower cost on application and usage.

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