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About Us

Green Sprouts Solutions offers systems for Livestock Feeding and Hydroponic Green Houses / Hot Houses. A specialist company in the fields of Product Manufacturing and Feeding Solutions.

Green Sprouts Solutions as a company has been around for more than 20 years affording the company the opportunity to become experts in sprouting technology and hothouse design.


From an early start the goal has always been to develop a product that is both cost effective and efficient and that will become an asset to all our clients.


Vivian Beukes, the company owner set out to achieve this goal and with his Engineering background and being somewhat of a Bacteria expert he soon embarked on a journey of solving the most pressing issues faced by the industry.

This unique designed system accelerates the germination periods of seeds. Green Sprouts Solutions has successfully installed feeding systems all over the country. Our systems can withstand harsh and extreme weather conditions. The material used in the Green Sprouts Systems has proven fantastic durability and good weathering capabilities.


Farmers who have invested in our system will agree on how it has revolutionised the way we feed and maintain our livestock worldwide.


Grow good… in all aspects of life. To introduce a sufficient skills and development program to all the people of Africa thereby ensuring they become empowered to be self sustainable.


Our mission is to by way of expertise and a positive spirit of enterprise and enthusiasm, create products that will be beneficial in all spheres of life

Manufacturing Facility

The material used in the Green Sprouts Booster Systems has proven its fantastic durability. Both our production process and sheeting material have been patented and we keep a constant eye on quality. Each manufacturing line undergoes a thorough examination and quality check ensuring no sub standard materials leave the assembly line.

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