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Organic Feeding Systems

All ruminating mammals can simply be identified by the trait of chewing cud. The digestive system of these animals is designed to break down and digest plant-based food by firstly softening it in the Rumen (commonly known as the first stomach) and then regurgitating the partly digested mass (also known as cud) and chewing it again. The digestive system of ruminating animals works most efficiently when digesting fresh green feed.
Organic Feeding Systems

The “sprout mat” is completely edible and highly nutritious as it is a living food. The animals will eat the entire mat, roots and green growth so there is no waste.


Feeding the animal with Barley sprouts from the Green Sprouts Feeding systems allows their digestive system to function to maximum efficiency which produces healthier animals.  Barley sprouts increases the red blood cells resulting in more oxygen and thereby the animal uses less energy.


Up to 25% of all grain feed will be undigested and be excreted, which will have no nutritional value to the animal.

Organic Feeding Systems
Organic Feeding Systems South Africa
Barley Sprouts

Barley sprouts has shown to increase the overall health of the animal through better digestion of the hay and grain. While overall wellness is the most noted result, studies indicate improved performance results in other areas as well. Not only will animals be healthier but also they will experience:

  • Greater energy and vitality

  • Stimulates the immune response

  • Reduction in anti-nutritional factors

  • Anti-oxidant properties

Research has demonstrated that enzyme rich sprout feed enhances animal production and is particularly beneficial to young animals making the stressful transition from milk to solid food. Sprouts are a good source of Chlorophyll.

Chlorophyll plays an important role:

  • To clean and build the blood.

  • To detoxify and invigorate the body.

  • To energise and enhance the immune system.


To strengthen the heart, intestines, vascular and lymphatic systems, lungs, glands and reproductive organs.

Where poor quality foods form a large portion of the diet because of drought conditions, additional sources of chlorophyll become increasingly important.

The Green Sprout Booster produces green feed that contain absolutely no toxic chemicals what so ever. This means that there is no possible way that anything unnatural can enter the human food chain by consumption of food products from animals which are fed Green Sprouts Solutions sprouts.

You can now change your lifestyle in a profitable way by incorporating a unique Green Sprout Booster System to your daily farming activities.

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