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We offer the following products and services:
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Our Hydroponic Greenhouses are manufactured with very durable cladding material.  The material used is a unique patented formula which enables us to produce durable sheets that we use for cladding. The material used is Polyethylene and it is compliant to the ISO standards.

Livestock Growing  Enhancers
Micro Organisms

Protein forms an important part of the feeding chain for humans and animals, therefore the production of meat, dairy and eggs form an inevitable part for today’s users of these products. Proteins are the building blocks of the body, but a very expensive commodity to produce.

Green Sprouts Solutions has its own laboratory facilities with over 10 years experience and offers professional advice in the microbial environment. With years of professional experience, we can treat challenging plant diseases successfully. Our professional team can also advise on your irrigation programs. Contact our offices directly for more info on our Microbes for Plants and usage recommendation.

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SporeBuster - Fungi Control

Green Sprouts Solutions has designed a concept to eliminate the harmful mould that has been a problem in these feed production applications for ages.

Sprout Booster Equipment

Green Sprouts Solutions is proud to offer our clients a full range of products and equipment to be able to manage their feeding systems more efficiently. Our products have been tested in various applications and are available to order.

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Green Sprouts Solutions has a division that specializes in quality seed supply to its customers.

This division ensures that:

  • the seed is sourced from the seed producers

  • the germination potential of the seed is tested

  • the bagging of the seed gets done properly

  • the seed gets delivered to the clients at affordable prices

Delivery & Installation

After the client is well informed and we have received the necessary documentation from the client, the set-up procedure follows.


We provide a specially designed floor plan for booster installation. This plan will also include the necessary water and electrical points.

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