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Booster Equipment

Green Sprouts Solutions is proud to offer our clients a full range of products and equipment to be able to manage their feeding systems more effeciently. Our products have been tested in various applications and are availble on order.

Evaporative Cooler

R14 500.00

The specially designed evaporative cooler cools the air using a simple natural process.


An industrial water pump circulates the water from a reservoir over a wide filter made from natural cellulose material. Two powerful ventilators aspires air through the cellulose filter enables the water to evaporate from the filter surface, decreasing the temperature of the air that flows into the Booster and cools it sufficiently.


The ECO FRIENDLY cooler device is designed to be very cost effective, robust and highly efficient. They provide clean , fast and safe cooling.


The top quality components ensure significant reliability and long lifespan properties.


The almost non-existing maintenance and few low cost moving components place this powerful technology in a class of its own.

R13 500.00

When fodder is produced in the  Green Sprouts Booster, roots form a dense mat of feed. It is very convenient for the harvesting process.

For your convenience a fodder slicer/cutter can reduce the mat into smaller edible pieces in order for animal to feed easier. By using the slicer/cutter,  you can portion the mat to reduce wastage.



  •        More animal have access to the feed because it can be spread over a larger area.

  •        Much less wastage of feed on the floor.

    •        During the slicing process, the roots and leaves get all mix together and prevents the animal from eating   the green section of the sprouts only.

  •        The animal will consume more mouths full of combined fodder in one bite.

  •        Much less wastage in the feeding troughs.

  •        Major savings on labour.

  •        Major savings on time.



Technical Data:

  •        The casing is made of 4mm steel.

  •        The shoot is wide enough to accommodate the Booster mat.

  •        The shoot is made from 2mm steel.

  •        The blade is made of Bennox steel.

  •        The blade is sharpened on both sides which enable you to turn the blade around.

  •        The casing can be opened.

  •        Two heavy duty pillow block bearings carry the shaft on which the blade fits.

  •        The motor is covered with a durable plastic cover.

  •        Heavy duty and water proof on/off switch.

  •        A single phase 2kW motor drives the slicer. 

  •        The metal is coated with a double layer heavy duty primer and is finished with a Hammer tone paint.




  •        The casing is made of 4mm steel.

  •        The shoot is made of 2mm steel.

  •        The max height is 1,6m.

  •        The width is 820mm

  •        The length 1,0m.

  •        The diameter of the casing is 820mm.

Water Softner


Lime in the water was always a huge challenge on farms. Lime has the characteristics to build up on the inside of the water lines. The lime build-up also causing lots of problems in kettles, geysers, valves, water pumps, trays, evaporative coolers, sprayers etc.

In the Booster we prevent lime build-up in the sprayers for irrigation, the evaporative cooler and on the cladding material.

The Water Softener breaks up lime forming molecules and eliminates this problem completely in the Booster, although we do not have control over the amount of water pumped through the device in normal water supply lines, we are very successful with the results. 



  •        The device has no moving parts that will need to be replaced over a period of time.

  •        There is no material that will rust in the device.

  •        The device does not use electricity; making it ideal for large farms and any rural area.

  •        No filter or granules are used.

  •        The device is maintenance free.

  •        Quick and easy to install.

  •        The outer casing of the device is manufactured with heavy duty polymer material.

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