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Hydroponic Greenhouses


The Greensprouts portable walk in greenhouse tunnel is specifically designed for the home gardener. Self-
sufficient food propagation has never been easier. The variety of sizes available mean that anyone, no matter how much space they have available, can produce fresh greens for the home.
All greenhouses have the following:
• 25mm galvanised steel poles for endoskeleton
• UV treated, reinforced PE plastic roof to fit over poles
• Dual zip, roll up door (front and back doors)
• Roll up side windows with insect net
• Full instructions and all tools required for construction

Hydroponic Hothouses

Our Hydroponic Hothouses have been designed to withstand extreme weather conditions.The material used is a unique patented formula and is produced using Polyethylene which complies with ISO standards.  
This special hothouse cladding material is UV-Stabilized, ensuring a very long lifespan. The added benefit of blocking out harmful UV-rays ensures plants don't get damaged.

Green Sprouts Solutions & affiliated subsidiaries have managed projects in the following countries South Africa, Namibia, Lesotho, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Holland. 
We have extensive experience in infrastructure design and development for the agricultural sector.
With a strict in-house quality control system, we ensure that all the material that leaves our factory is of high quality and standards.


Advantages of using our Cladding material:
•       Long lifespan on cladding as well as structural material.
•       Cladding will not discolour.
•       Cladding is light weight and easy to handle.
•       Price competitive.
•       Hail resistant. (Huge stones like tennis balls may damage the sheets)
•       Eliminates fungal growth.
•       Easy to keep clean.
•       Will not tear in normal weather conditions.(Can withstand extreme windy conditions)
•       Very difficult to cut the sheets, you have to make a big effort to do so.

Advantages of using a Green House:
•       No more huge expensive machines and implements.
•       Use less water because of less evaporation.
•       Save a lot of space.
•       Pests and disease can be controlled easier.
•       You can extend your growing season. 
•       Protect plants from bad weather and solar radiation.
•       Crops give better yield.
•       Better quality crops.
•       Off-season nursery can be raised.
•       Higher value of crops.
•       Harvest earlier.
•       Reduces heat radiation into the atmosphere.
•       Reduce the incidence of frost damage.
•       Protection against bad weather conditions that might damage or destroy the plants. 
•       We offer a modular concept to the market. Size can vary according to the space available.
•       The length comes in increments of 2.0m.
•       The width is standard from 3.0m/5.0m/8.0m/10.0m/12.0m.
•       Side walls are 2.1m high.
•       Ventilation flaps both ends are 2m-2.2m high and the width of the hothouse.
•       Sliding door standard 2.0m high and 2.5m wide. (According to requirements)


Hydroponic Greenhouses can be custom designed according to your requirement & application.

Vegetable Production Systems

We have got a variety of hydroponic and soil vegetable production systems. Ranging between DIY home grown vegetable kits to full blown commercial systems. These are the ultimate kits for self sustainability and traceability.
For more info and pricing please visit our vegetable section at
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